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Under My Wing Pet Care has been serving the needs of its daily and vacationing clients for over 20 years. Our expert and reliable caretakers are there for your precious family members during those times when you cannot be there yourself.

Under My Wing is a residential pet care service. We come to your home to take care of your pets while you are away on vacation, on business, or if you have an unexpected emergency. We make as many visits as your pet requires and offer personalized attention, exercise, feeding, medication and playtime. Our caregivers are professional, mature responsible adults who are experienced in providing care for a variety of animals. We are dedicated to ensuring the welfare of our client’s pets and property. In the event of an emergency, we are trained to respond quickly and resourcefully.

KENNEL VS. HOME CARE Many people rely on a kennel to care for their pets. Being left at a kennel can be a frightening experience for your pet. Fear of abandonment, unfamiliar surroundings, small uncomfortable pens, little or no exercise and a change in diet can cause your pet to suffer from stress. Kennels have office hours which may be inconvenient to your schedule. With our service your pet will enjoy being at home receiving special attention, and will be waiting for you upon your arrival home.

STANDARD SERVICES Under My Wing offers a variety of services while we look after your pet. We make your home look as though someone is there. We collect the mail and newspaper, rotate the lights, take the garbage out and water any plants. Finally when you return home you will find we have cleaned and straightened the areas that your pet has access to.

CUSTOM PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Pets with special needs have services developed for them. We offer multiple reliefs during the day for puppies and geriatric pets. Should you schedule a trip to the vet or groomer we can provide the transportation at an additional charge.

Under My Wing is insured and all pet sitters are bonded for your peace of mind. Our affordable rates start at just $18 per 1/2-hour visit for standard daily services (and just $1 more for each additional pet beyond the first). Housesitting services are offered at a rate of $75 per 24-hour period. New clients are asked to please fill out and return the client information form below.


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